Joskin Factory Visit

Joskin Factory Visit
Some of our staff were lucky enough to visit the Joskin factory recently. We were invited to attend their 50th anniversary celebrations and joined around 330 other dealers from around the world. After arriving we were fed and watered in fine style before we sat down to listen to the Joskin family speak. Each member of the family took their turn to share the company history, present situation and future vision. The talks were given in French but translated live into various languages so all present could understand. A factory tour followed which took us around the fantastic facilities custom built at their main site in Belgium. The production line was well organised and very busy. It relies heavily on technology and robots to improve safety and efficiency, whilst maintaining the high standards expected of a Joskin product. A gala evening followed with excellent food and entertainment provided throughout the evening. The next day mostly involved a walk around various stands provided to give us some insight into what is happening with Joskin right now. Each stand showcased a different type of machinery where we were shown the latest innovations being used. We also got a look at the latest software developed to improve parts ordering and service. Our final surprise was to be asked to join in a record attempt at lifting a 12 ton slurry tanker by hand. We took our place on the custom made harness and pulled at the allotted time to watched the tanker rise up. We all thoroughly enjoyed our incredibly well organised visit and would like to thank Joskin for allowing us to share in their special celebrations.

Ryobi Power Tools

Ryobi Power Tools

Here at BRM we are always looking to add great products to our range of spare parts, tools and accessories. With this in mind we have now added Ryobi Power Tools. This means we can now offer you a range of quality power tools at more affordable prices. 

Ryobi have been making cordless powertools for over 20 years. The ONE+ system means one battery fits their entire range and always has done. Brushless technology, 5AH IntelliCell Lithium+ batteries with fuel gauges and fast charging options give Ryobi power tools all the advantages of the professional machines at great prices.

We don't sell these tools in pre-built kits where somebody else decides what options you need. Ryobi's pick and mix system means you can just add the tool, battery, charger or bag you want and only pay for what you need.

Please view our range here

New Ariat Safety Boot Range

New Ariat Safety Boot Range

We are now stocking the Ariat Safety Boot Range.

Ariat offer superior quality safety work boots designed for comfort & durability.

We are offering Free Next Day UK mainland delivery (excluding Scottish Highlands) using the discount code #ARIATWORK

This code will also reduce any other transport charge by £9 on Ariat orders.

Ariat is a proven leader in performance technology and is proud to offer the best in work footwear. All their work boots meet or exceed industry standards for safety and are engineered with a focus on comfort, support and durability in the most extreme environments.

Founded in the USA to manufacture the highest quality sports clothing and footwear. They now stand out as the leading suppliers of high performance apparel to the worlds top equestrian athletes.

Ariat boots are available in UK half sizes to ensure your safety work boots fit to perfection.

View our range here at BRM-SHOP.COM.

Polaris Price Increase

Unfortunately due to the strength of the dollar against the pound Polaris have now had to increase their spare parts prices. 

They have been putting it off for quite a long time, but the weak pound has finally forced the issue.

Some of the increases are quite significant but we have tried to keep them as competitive as possible where we could.

As ever the vast majority of our Polaris spares are genuine & in stock.

1000th online order

We are pleased to announce we have just received our 1,000th online order.

Thanks to everyone who has shopped with us.

We hope you're all happy with your products and our service.

Please continue to bear us in mind for your future requirements.

1000th customer BRM-SHOP

Purchasing Rat Poison

Since the introduction of the UK Rodenticide Stewardship Regime it is no longer possible for us to send rat poison out without proof of competence.

This legislation has been brought in to protect wildlife & reduce the risk of resistance to 2nd generation rodenticides. 

If you wish to take the online course please follow this link

Anyone who purchases this product will be required to provide proof of either their certificate of competence or their farm assurance scheme via e-mail.

We will contact you as soon as possible after your order is placed .

This will only be required the first time you order this product.

Buckler Price Increase

Due to the ongoing uncertainty over the Brexit deal, Sterling remains weak against other currencies. We are beginning to see price increases from many of our suppliers which will inevitably have to be passed on.

Buckler Boots have now reluctantly lifted the price of their whole range, with the new prices coming into effect 1st November 2016. We will hold our competitive retail price for as long as we can, but as stock runs low & we have to re-order the prices will increase.

This may result in different sizes of the same boots having different prices.     

Are you ready for SUD?

Sprayer in field BRM-SHOP

All countries in the EU are implementing the Sustainable Use Directive. It sets minimum standards for the safe use of professional pesticides. Thanks to existing legislation many UK farmers already meet most of the requirements. However, farmers operating under 'grandfather rights' will need to get a recognised certificate to continue spraying. In addition, most spray application equipment will need to be tested & farmers need to demonstrate they are following an integrated approach to crop protection.

There are three dates that matter for any business that uses professional pesticides.

The first deadline for the Sustainable Use Directive has already arrived & during 2014 you will need to demonstrate Integrated Pest Management (IPM) is followed on your farm.  For more information on how this affects you please call Pete Clark on extension 1.

By 26th November 2015 the sprayer operator on your farm will need to hold a recognised certificate.

Finally by the 26th of November 2016 all working sprayer application equipment must hold an NSTS Certificate.

These measures will be a legal requirement for the UK. Non-compliance could lead to prosecution & threaten your Single Farm Payment.

If you require any further information of need your equipment testing,  please call our NSTS sprayer tester Peter Clark on 01325 378552 ext.1

Valtra - Old versus new

Valtra S and bm320 tractors BRM-SHOP

With a new S233 in the yard I wondered how it would fare against its great, great grandfather, Brian’s BM320.  Having downloaded the original sales leaflet I’ve made a few comparisons to see how much things have changed since the early 1960’s.

There’s the obvious one, weight. The S Series does look like it could be a gram or two heavier. Actually at 12000Kg it is about 8 times heavier than the 1570Kg of the BM320 although surprisingly it only has 52mm more ground clearance.

It can carry a bit more fuel too. You can get 35 litres into the 10th model Bolinder Munktell produced. The S takes a bit more fuelling up with its 60 litre AdBlue & 610 litre fuel tank.

The BM’s three-cylinder 2.5L Perkins turbulence chamber engine could produce a maximum of 37hp at 200rpm compared to the 270hp produced by the 8.4L, 6 cylinder, Sisu Power engine.

The continuously running, two-speed power take-off introduced with the BM320 was really intended to compensate for shortcomings in the gearbox and gear ratios, but it became something of a sales success for Bolinder Munktell, doubling the range of machines it could power. Valtra’s electro-hydraulic PTO now has start/stop control inside the cab, on the armrest & outside, on the rear mudguard & has a fuel economy setting.

As you would imagine the S Series can lift a bit more. In the 1960’s you had a respectable maximum lift capacity of 1050Kg. Now you can lift nearly 5 times that on the front linkage (5000Kg) & more than 11 times that at the back (12000Kg).

The roots of Bolinder Munktell & Valtra go back to a mechanical workshop in Sweeden “Eskilstuna Mekaniska Werkstad” founded by Theofron Munktell in 1832. Several mergers later, including Volvo & Valmet they ended up as Valtra where it remains today.

BM 320 tractor BRM-SHOP

Click on picture to download the original sales leaflet

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