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3Piece Plier Set3Piece Plier Set
Irwin 3Piece Plier Set
Sale price£34
Bolt Grip Expansion 5 Piece SetBolt Grip Expansion 5 Piece Set
Bolt Grip Remover 5 Piece SetBolt Grip Remover 5 Piece Set
Cable Cutter 8in/200mmCable Cutter 8in/200mm
Combination Pliers 200MMCombination Pliers 200MM
End Cutter 8in/200mmEnd Cutter 8in/200mm
Irwin End Cutter 8in/200mm
Sale price£15
Hex Key T-Handle 8Piece 2mm-10mmHex Key T-Handle 8Piece 2mm-10mm
Prosnip Aviation SnipsProsnip Aviation Snips
Prosnip Offset SnipProsnip Offset Snip
Irwin Prosnip Offset Snip
Sale price£21
Quick Adjusting Wrench 57mmQuick Adjusting Wrench 57mm
Record Table Vice 3in / 75mmRecord Table Vice 3in / 75mm
Record Vice Multi with Anvil Swivel Base 5in/125mmRecord Vice Multi with Anvil Swivel Base 5in/125mm
Vise Grip 10R - BRM-SHOP.COMVise Grip 10R - BRM-SHOP.COM
Irwin Vise Grip 10R
Sale price£18
Vise Grip 4WR - BRM-SHOP.COMVise Grip 4WR - BRM-SHOP.COM
Irwin Vise Grip 4WR
Sale price£12
Vise Grip 5WR - BRM-SHOP.COMVise Grip 5WR - BRM-SHOP.COM
Irwin Vise Grip 5WR
Sale price£12
Vise Grip Adjustable Wrench 8in/200mmVise Grip Adjustable Wrench 8in/200mm
Vise Grip C Clamp 11RVise Grip C Clamp 11R
Vise Grip Long Reach - BRM-SHOP.COMVise Grip Long Reach - BRM-SHOP.COM
Vise Grip Long Reach 6LNVise Grip Long Reach 6LN
Vise Grip Sheet Metal Tool 8RVise Grip Sheet Metal Tool 8R
Vise Grip Straight Jaw Pliers 7RVise Grip Straight Jaw Pliers 7R
Vise Grip Welding Clamp 9RVise Grip Welding Clamp 9R

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