Joskin Anniversary Visit BRM-SHOP
Some of our staff were lucky enough to visit the Joskin factory recently. We were invited to attend their 50th anniversary celebrations and joined around 330 other dealers from around the world. After arriving we were fed and watered in fine style before we sat down to listen to the Joskin family speak. Each member of the family took their turn to share the company history, present situation and future vision. The talks were given in French but translated live into various languages so all present could understand. A factory tour followed which took us around the fantastic facilities custom built at their main site in Belgium. The production line was well organised and very busy. It relies heavily on technology and robots to improve safety and efficiency, whilst maintaining the high standards expected of a Joskin product. A gala evening followed with excellent food and entertainment provided throughout the evening. The next day mostly involved a walk around various stands provided to give us some insight into what is happening with Joskin right now. Each stand showcased a different type of machinery where we were shown the latest innovations being used. We also got a look at the latest software developed to improve parts ordering and service. Our final surprise was to be asked to join in a record attempt at lifting a 12 ton slurry tanker by hand. We took our place on the custom made harness and pulled at the allotted time to watched the tanker rise up. We all thoroughly enjoyed our incredibly well organised visit and would like to thank Joskin for allowing us to share in their special celebrations.