Swarfega H/D 500g




Heavy Duty Hand Cleaner

Contains polygrains to quickly and effectively dissolve oil and grease

- Fast Acting - Contains highly refined hydrocarbon solvent which quickly and effectively dissolves oil and grease.
- Easy to Use - Advanced gel formulation makes it easy to apply and rinse off with no residue.
- Conditions - Added conditioner leave hands feeling smooth.
- Powerful - Contains non-abrasive micro-polymer granules which act like thousands of tiny scrubbing brushes to remove the toughest of ingrained soiling without damaging the skin.
- Versatile - Removes deeply ingrained oil, grease, tar, diesel, creosote, carbon and most other soilings.
- Economical - Only a small amount is required to remove even the heaviest of soilings.
- Perfumed - Mild citrus perfume leaves hands lightly freshened after use

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