Gystech 7000




Maintenance Charger 12 & 24V

Maintenance chargers are designed for semi-permanent connection to a battery for vehicles that are not in use for long periods of time. They can also be used as a traditional charger.

The gystech 7000 battery charger is space saving and light and is designed for the automatic recharge or maintenance of 12v - 24v liquid or gel batteries. This intelligent gystech 7000 smart battery charger insures a 100% charge in 5 steps without supervision.

Supplied with two connection kit (clamps and cable terminals), its specific connection cable terminals to be fastened once and for all on the vehicle which enables a quick connection to the gystech 7000 battery charger.

Comes with various protections, polarity reversals, short circuit, overload, anti spark and overheating and is protected against rain and humidity.

Functions Includes:

Charge for 12V and 24V batteries.

Maintenance / Wintering.

Battery Recover (for 12V batteries with ongoing sulphation).




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