Gystech 3800




Maintenance Charger 12V

Maintenance chargers are designed for semi-permanent connection to a battery for vehicles that are not in use for long periods of time. They can also be used as a traditional charger.

The gystech 3800 automatic battery charger is powerful, compact and light and is designed for the automatic charge of 12v lead batteries - liquid or gel and is ideal for cars, motorcycles, ride on lawn mowers etc. This intelligent gystech 3800 battery charger insures a 100% charge in 5 steps without supervision.

Supplied with two connection kit (clamp or lugs), for motorcycles, the specific connection cable by lugs which can be permanently fixed on the chassis, allows to rapidly connect the gystech 3800 battery charger.

Comes with various protections, polarity reversals, short circuit and overheating and is protected against rain and humidity.


Functions Includes:

Maintenance / Wintering.

Battery Recover (for 12V batteries with ongoing sulphation).


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